We believe that technology holds a big promise for education and society. We are proud of our Kenyan schools and we know you are too. That's why we are making an effort to get Kenyan schools on the web and to create a resource to help you get to those websites. Will you join us in this effort?

No one will do it for us, we must take the challenge to appraise technology. We at Shuleweb have done our part, now you as an alumni, parent, student or just a responsible citizen needs to add your voice and action.
Here is why we are doing this:
  1. It is our responsibility as Kenyans to do it
  2. We want to create a free publicly available directory of Kenya school websites
  3. Help schools get websites for free
  4. Help schools see the public perspective of their websites
  5. Help schools make their websites more useful
There are three things you can do today:
  1. Vote for the school website
  2. Congratulate them or give them feedback on their website
  3. invite them to create a website for free if they dont have one
  4. Add a school website to our growing list of Kenya School Websites

Time burden: 7 minutes